Therapeutic Family Services


improving family life, 

knowledge and understanding

TFS is accredited as a Behavioral Health Organization through the Council on Accreditation.  This accreditation is dependent on compliance with performance and safety standards that COA has set forth in order to improve service delivery outcomes for our clients. 

The Division of Behavioral Health Services in Arkansas has certified TFS as an RSPMI provider.  RSPMI stands for Rehabilitative Services for Persons with Mental Illness.  All services provided by TFS are in accordance with the most current revision of the RSPMI manual, which means they are tailored to individual need and are medically necessary. 

TFS offices and summer programs are licensed with the Child Care Licensing Division of DHS as required.  

‚ÄčInfringement of these rights may be reported to our consumer advocate.  Call 501.332.4400 and ask the receptionist for the consumer advocate or ask any staff for a referral to see the advocate.  If you feel that your complaint is not resolved after speaking with the advocate, you may report it to our accrediting agency, Council On Accreditation by calling 212.797.3000 or 866.262.8088 or by visiting their website at